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Kids/Children Sorted Mixed Shorts Only - Premium A Grade Bales

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These are mixed bales of kids/children's' bottoms wear for summer and spring season wear, both boys and girls  mixed Short pants. They are khaki shorts, corduroy shorts, cotton shorts, polyester shorts, tropical shorts, boardie shorts, etc. These bales are of highest quality graded premium A grade. The bottoms are stringently hand sorted, graded and packed in 50kgs, 75kgs and 100kgs bales as single line items for export.

The quality of these bales are top of the range with no crispy, faded or torn items. Some are new items that come from overstocks of fashion houses and conglomerates. The quality of these items are guaranteed to last and fashionable to wear. These bales are made up all types of summer and spring long pants for kids/children.

These Mixed Shorts by Redi Impex are hand picked and sorted, graded and packed in Bales of 50kgs, 75kgs and 100kgs. The shorts come in Polyester, Cotton, Wool and Light Tropical Materials and in all sizes for any size, boys, girls, kids and childern. These are our premium A grade Shorts packed in above bale sizes for all seasons- summer, winter spring and falls wear by children/kids of 12 years and below.

Bales of clothes can be ordered in stand alone bale weights or mixture of the bale weight sizes of 50kgs, 75kgs and 100kgs. Minimum order requirement for this category is 6,000kgs. All prices are USD$.


Type & Grade:

Single Line Used Clothes, Premium 'A' Grade only

Gender & Size:

All Childern and Kids of  All Sizes


 Summer & Spring Seasons Wear

Pack Type:

Kids Mixed Short Pants, Tight Press-Packed Bales

Weight Range:

50kg Bale | 80kg Bale | 100kg Bale

Minimum Order:

6,000kgs: (120x50kg, 80x75kg, 60x100kg) Bales **


** Please kindly observe Minimum Order when placing Order. In Quantity Section, enter the number of stated Minimum Bales for each bale size you wish to order and upwards up to full 20'foot container load or more. You may order one type of Bale size, e.g. only 75kg bale or you may order a combination of two or all three types plus other specifically sorted bales in other Category to make up full container load.

> A 20'foot full container load holds upto 240x50kg bales or 160x75kg bales or 120x100kg bales. A High Cube 40'ft container may hold 560x50kg bales, or 354x75kg bales, or 280x100kg bales. Or, you may order a even or uneven combination of each type of bale.

> As we do not send loose bales or bales on pallets, the Insurance & Freight  (IF) cost is charged by per Container Load. The more bales (or weights) you order, the cheaper the Freight & Insurance rate. Our IF rates start at US$2,495.00 (20'foot container load with a minimum Order of 6,000kg) to US$4,589.00 (High Cube, 40'foot Container load with maximum order of 28,000kgs of bales). Total Cost and Freight and Insurance (CIF) is automatically calculated at the checkout.


Shipping Cost calculated automatically at the end of the Checkout process.