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Near-New Used Tyres for Cars, SUVs & Commercial Vehicles

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A-Grade Used Car Tyres with 4mm+ deep (60%+) running tread. Near new tyres with lots of grip to run. Clean Tyres with No Side Wall Damages.  Ideal Tyres for small, medium and large sedans, SUVs, Commercials (Vans & Utes), 4WDs, PMV Buses and Trucks. Rim Size from 14-inch to 17-ínch with all tyre size variances. Minimum Order is 1x Full 20'foot container, which holds upto 1,200 tyres.

Tyre Details

Tyre Brands:

Continental, DUNLOP, BRIDGESTONE, Michelin, MAXXIS, HANKOOK, Goodyear, Pirelli
Type & Condition: Clean Used Tyre, 65-95% grip (4mm+ tread deep)
Rim Size: 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch, 17-inch
Other Size Particulars: As per customer requirement
Vehicle Type: Small, Mid & Family Sedans, SUVs, Commercial Vehicles
Area Use:  City use and on Fair Road Conditions, Not suitable for Off roads.


IF rates start at US$3,900.00 (20'foot container load with a minimum Order of 10,000kg) to US$6,500.00 (High Cube, 40'foot Container load with maximum order of 28,000kgs of bales).

Total Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) is automatically calculated at the Checkout.

Please note that shipping Rates have sharply increased lately by US$1,000.00+ per 20'foot container due to effects of Covid.