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Near-New Used Tyres for Cars, SUVs & Commercial Vehicles

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A-Grade Used Car Tyres with 4mm+ deep (60%+) running tread. Near new tyres with lots of grip to run. Clean Tyres with No Side Wall Damages.  Ideal Tyres for small, medium and large sedans, SUVs, Commercials (Vans & Utes), 4WDs, PMV Buses and Trucks. Rim Size from 14-inch to 17-ínch with all tyre size variances. Minimum Order is 1x Full 20'foot container, which holds upto 1,200 tyres.

Tyre Details

Tyre Brands:

Continental, DUNLOP, BRIDGESTONE, Michelin, MAXXIS, HANKOOK, Goodyear, Pirelli
Type & Condition: Clean Used Tyre, 65-95% grip (4mm+ tread deep)
Rim Size: 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch, 17-inch
Other Size Particulars: As per customer requirement
Vehicle Type: Small, Mid & Family Sedans, SUVs, Commercial Vehicles
Area Use:  City use and on Fair Road Conditions, Not suitable for Off roads.