Packing & Shipment

All our quality Australian Secondhand Clothing Bales come in 50kgs, 100kgs and 200kgs or as per your prescribed bale weight. Our bales of Fashion Accessories (Footwears, Handbags, Belts, Hats, etc)  are packed and supplied in Sacks/Bales of 22kgs and 40kgs. 

Our minimum order requirement is 5,500kgs of clothings bales plus sacks of  Fashion Accessories as extras. Fashion Accessories CAN NOT be ordered alone - they can only be ordered with minimun clothing bales. We can supply upto 2 x 40'foot container or 4x 20'foot container per customer per order. Orders can be made as single items bales or combinations of few.

A 40'ft container hold upto maximum of 26,000kgs of Secondhand Clothing & Fashion Accesories Bales and a 20'ft container holds upto maximum of 12,000kgs of used clothes secondhand clothing bales and fashion accessories.

It may us 10 to 15 working days to pack the order from the time of confirmed receipt of your order payment and depends on how many orders we have on hand to sort and pack simultaneouly.  Depending on location of your destination port, it may take minimum of 1 week  up to 4 weeks of shipment time for your order to arrive at your final destination port.