Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We often have our customers ask frequently the following questions which may answer most of your queries that you might have. If you have any new questions other than the ones below, please kindly forward it to us via out Contact Form and we will answer and feature in here.  

Our FAQs come categorised in four sections which you may easily follow.

 I) Shopping  FAQs

II)  Payment FAQs

III) Shipping FAQs

IV) After Sales FAQs


1. What should I do if I have trouble logging in?

Please follow these instructions:

Check your login details. Your login username is the email address you used for registration.

If you have forgotten your password, please select the "Forgot your password?" option on the Sign In page. Complete the information regarding your registration details and select the "Reset your password" option.

Please make sure that your web browser accepts cookies. At times, Redi Import Export (Redi Impex) may undergo Site/System maintenance. If so, please give 30 minutes and try login again.

If you are still unable to access your account, you can contact our Customer Service Department at Customer Support and indicate the problem. We will assign a new password for you and you can change it once you log in.

2. If I make a larger order, Will I be give a any Discount?

Yes, the more items you order, the higher the discount you may get. For example, if you purchase 120 x 100kg bales (which is a full 20'ft container load), you may get a 5% discount. If you are interested in purchasing more, we would be happy to provide you with a quote on wholesale prices. That means, discounts up to 20% off on items you order.  Please contact our Sales Department and provide the following information to get your wholesale price:

- The product(s) that you are interested in

- The exact order quantity for each product

- Time frame you want your items to be delivered

- Any special packing instructions, e.g. bulk packing without product boxes

Our Sales Department will reply to you with a proforma invoice quotation. Please note that the larger the order, the more shipping cost you will save. For instance, if your order quantity in Full 20'ft container load or more, the average shipping cost per unit will be much cheaper than if you just purchase bales only.

3. What should I do if I want to add or remove the items in the cart?

Please sign into your Redi Impex account and select the shopping cart icon on the top right of the page. You will be able to view all of the items that are currently in the shopping cart. If you wish to delete an item from the cart, simply click on the "Remove" button next to the item. If you wish to change the quantity for any individual item, simply enter the new amount you want to purchase in the "Quantity" column.

4. Why website will experience consignment with out of stock?

Every website occasionally experiences consignments with minor size issues or feature some items which are out of stock. We can not fully avoid this problem for overseas shipping of goods. Our advice is to submit payment for your orders as soon as possible so we can provide our related services quickly. If some of your ordered products are out of stock, we will notify you within 3 working days.


1. How Do I Pay My Order?

We offer three payment Options or Methods to Pay your order after you Click on Continue to Payment Method at the Checkout. 

I. By Credit or Debit Card

II. By Paypal

III. By Direct Bank Deposit

Choose one of the payment methods above and enter the required information and click on Complete Order to complete your order. Please ensure that you have sufficient Funds or Credit on your Card or Paypal Account. Our online Payment System is encripted and very safe and secure to use. For Bank Deposit option, Account Number will be presented after you Complete your order. You will have to copy our Bank Details and make a  deposit into our Bank account by Bank Telegraphic Transfer at your local Bank. All banks in all countries have this facility. 

2. What is PayPal?

PayPal is a secure and trustworthy payment processing service which allows you to shop online. PayPal can be used at Redi Import Export (Redi Impex) to purchase items by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) or Debit Card. For your security purposes, Redi Impex cannot see your card number as it is securely encrypted through PayPal's server. This limits the risk of unauthorized use and access.

3. Can I change my billing or shipping information after making the payment?

Once you have placed an order, you should not change your billing or shipping address information. If you want to make a change, please contact our Customer Service Department  as soon as possible during the order processing stage to indicate your request. If the package has not been dispatched yet, we will be able to ship to the new address. However, if the package has already been shipped, then the shipping information will not be able to be changed while the package is in transit.

4. How do I know if my payment has been received?

We will send you a notification email to inform you about the order once your payment has been received. Your order status will show as "Processing"  if Redi Impex has received your payment. You may check the order status at any time by logging into your Redi Impex customer/member account.

5. Do you provide an invoice?

Yes. Your invoice will be sent to you via email once we have received an order and payment has been cleared.

6. Can I use other payment methods to pay for the order, such as a credit card or an offline payment method?

Yes, absolutely. For your convenience, we also accept the following payment methods: Wire transfer, T/T. Please contact our sales team with your request or sales enquiry. We will respond to your email query within  24 hours

7. Why am I being asked to "Verify" my payment?

Because your order has been held for a standard anti-fraud check by Redi Impex. We want to avoid fraudulent and unauthorized payment. For more details about our anti-fraud please check here.


1. How do I change my shipping method?

Once you have placed an order, the shipping method should not be altered, as we are a wholesale supplier and we sell our products in bulk and we have a preset shipping method by Sea Freight only, which is cost effective. . However, you can still contact our Customer Service Department should you wish to get your products by other alternative shipping method such as Air. Please do this as soon as possible during the order processing stage. 

2. How do I change my shipping address?

In the event that you wish to change the shipping address after placing an order, please contact our Customer Service Department. Contact Redi Impex as early as possible during the order processing stage to indicate your request. If you order has not been dispatched yet, we will be able to ship to the new address. However, if your order has already been shipped, then the shipping information will not be able to be changed while your order shippment is in transit.

3. When will I receive my items after I place an order?

The duration depends on the availability of shipping vesel for your destination and country location . Delivery times vary on the vesel availability. If the order cannot be delivered on time due to war, flood, typhoon, storm, earthquake, severe weather conditions, or any other situation which cannot be foreseen or avoided, then delivery will be postponed. In the event of such delays, we will work on the issue and keep in contact with you until there is a positive solution. For alternative and special shipping methods such as by Air, order will be despatched faster but will be costly. 

4. Do you ship to my country and what are the shipping rates?

We ship worldwide. The exact shipping rate varies based on the item weight and the destination country. We will always suggest the most appropriate shipping weight for our customers to help to save money. Our goal is always fast and secure delivery of items to our customers. The more you buy, the cheaper you get in shipping rates plus discounts.

5. Why is the shipping cost on some items so expensive?

The shipping cost depends on the amount of products (by weight or bales) you have ordered. For example, if you have ordered 4,500kgs of products, cost will be more expensive per kilo compared to 8,500kgs or 15,000kgs. Our advice is to order more, reduce your shipping cost to make a good profit margin in your business. 

6. Is the shipping cost included in the product price?

Some products have their shipping cost included. These are promotional products which are marked down for sales. But most products have their shipping cost calculated at the check out according to the amount (bales and sacks) of the products your ordered.  The online ordering system will generate a shipping quote for your order according to weight of each product ordered.

7. How do I know if my items have been shipped or not?

When your orders have been dispatched, we will send a notification email to your registered email address. The tracking number is normally available within the next few days of dispatch and we will update the tracking information on your account. We post by Electronic Mail Service (EMS) all the documents (commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, Packing List, Cert of Origin, etc) you need to do your Import order clearance with your local customs office. 

8. How do I track my order?

Once we provide you with the tracking number, you will be able to check the item delivery status online by accessing the website of the relevant shipping or delivery company.

9. Why is my tracking number invalid?

The tracking information normally appears after 2-3 business days following dispatch. If a tracking number is not searchable after this period of time, there are several possible causes.

The shipping companies have not updated the delivery information on the website with the most up-to-date status; the tracking code for the package is incorrect; the parcel has been delivered a long time ago and the information has expired; some shipping companies will remove the tracking code history.

We would advise you to contact our dedicated Customer Service Department and provide them with your Redi Impex order number. We will contact the shipping company on your behalf, and you will be updated once there is any further information.

10. Who is responsible for Customs duties if they are incurred?

Customs is a governmental agency responsible for regulating the shipments entering a specific country or region. All shipments being sent to or from region must clear Customs first. It is always the buyer's responsibility to clear customs and pay the relevant Customs duties and other customs clearance expenses. Redi Impex do not add taxes, VA,T GST, duty, or any other hidden charges.

In accordance with customs regulations, we cannot declare purchased items as a gift or list an amount lower than the actual product price. Please find out the tax regulations in your country. Customs Duty and Tax Information are readily and freely provided by the Relevant Government Agencies on their websites or through medias. 

11. Who is responsible for clearance of my items, if my items are detained by Customs?

It is the importer's/buyer's responsibility to do the clearance of his or her items that are detained by Customs in your destination country. We suggest you engage a customs brokers or agents in your country to undertake all the import clearnce for you. You provide them with all the information with their charges to do the customs import clearance on your behalf to fast track removal of your Orders out of Customs. 

12. What if my order is seized by Customs?

If your items cannot be cleared from the customs, please contact us first. We will conduct further investigations with the shipping company on your behalf.

13. After payment has cleared, how long do I wait until my order is sent out?

Our sorting, packing and handling time is 10 to 15 business days. This means that your item(s) will generally be sent out in within 15 business days and it will take upto 45 days to arrive at your destination depending on the location of your country. 


1. How can I cancel my order, before and after payment?

Cancellation before payment

If you have not paid for your order yet, then there is no need for you to contact us to cancel it. We do not process orders until a matching payment has been received for the order. If your order is more than a week old and is still unpaid, you will not be able to "reactivate" it by sending a payment, because the prices of the individual items may have changed, along with the currency conversions and shipping rates. You will need to submit the order again with a new shopping cart.

Withdrawing an order after payment

If you have already paid for an order and want to cancel it, please contact our Customer Service Department as soon as possible.

If you are not sure about an issue relating to your order or you wish to change it, please contact our Customer Service Department and put the order on hold while you decide. This will suspend the order sorting and packing process while you make changes.

If the order has already been dispatched, then we are not able to cancel or change the order.

If you wish to cancel an existing order because you are ADDING other products, there is no need to cancel the entire order. Simply contact out Customer Service Department and we will process the updated order; there is usually no additional fee for this service.

Generally, if your order is in an early part of the processing stage, you may still be able to change or cancel it. You can ask for a refund or provide the payment as credit for future orders.

2. How can I return my purchased items to Redi Impex?

Before returning any items to us, please read and follow the instructions below. Please make sure that you understand our return policy and that you meet all the criteria. The first step is to contact our After Sales Service Department and  provide us with the following information:

a. The original order number

b. The reason for the exchange

c. Photographs clearly showing the problem with the item

d. Details of the requested replacement item: the item SKU number, the name and color

e. Your shipping address and phone number

Please note that we are unable to process any returned items which have been sent back without our prior agreement. All returned items must have an Return Order  Authorisation (ROA) number. Once we have agreed to accept the returned item, please make sure you write a note in English containing your order number or PayPal ID so that we are able to locate your order information.

The return or ROA process can only be initiated within 40 calendar days upon receipt of your items. We can only accept returned products that are in their original condition.

3. Under which circumstances would an item be able to be exchanged or returned?

At Redi Impex, we pride ourselves in the quality of our clothes and products we provide to ur importing customers. All the items that we sell are selected, sorted and graded stringently before packed and shipped and they cannot be returned or exchanged in cases other than serious quality issues (which we doubt) or mis-shipment. Or any items of extreme health danger or pose extreme health risks then it can be returned to us. 

Quality Issues:

Should you find any item to be materially defective, the item must be returned to us in the same condition as it was sent within 30 calendar days after receiving the garment – it must be unwashed, unworn and with all the original tags affixed. Although we carefully check all merchandise for visible defects and damage prior to shipment, it is the buyer's responsibility to check the product upon its arrival to make sure it is free from any defects or problems. Damaged goods due to client negligence will not be accepted for refund.


We will exchange or replaced your product in cases where the purchased product does not match the item ordered. For instance, the items sent to you doest not match the items you have ordered or the item you received does not match the style that you ordered or the items that you ordered were in lesser amount by weight or bales than what you have ordered.

Please note:

All returned and exchanged items must be returned within 40 calendar days. Returns and exchanges will only occur for eligible products. We reserve the right to refuse the return and exchange of any items that have been worn, damaged, or had the tags removed. If an item we receive has been worn, is damaged, has had its tags removed, or is deemed unacceptable for return and exchange, we reserve the right to return to you any non-compliant pieces. All product packaging must be intact and not damaged in any way.

4. Where do I return the item?

After contacting our Customer Service Department and reaching mutual agreement, you will be able to send the item(s) to our headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. Once we have received the item(s), we will confirm the ROA information you have provided and review the condition of the item(s). If all of the relevant criteria have been met, we will process a refund if you have requested one; alternatively, if you have asked for an exchange or addition instead, the replacement or addition will be sent to you.