Sorted Mixed Wear Clothing Bales

This collection of Bales from Redi Impex are of high quality premium A-grade clothes for men, women and children. All the clothing bales in this collection are unsorted and carefully screened and packed according to Bale Descriptions. The Used Clothing Bales in in this collection are made up of  Mixed Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Kids Clothes, Adults mixed clothes, Kids mixed Clothes and packed according to each season in summer only, Winter and Spring only Wear and A Seasons Mixed Clothes. 

The packs or bales are all high quality A and A+ GRADE standards as items are carefully selected, screened and graded. Minimum Order for this items are 6,00kgs in bales equivalent and upwards. You could select number of bales from this category or together with other sorted and unsorted secondhand clothing bales in other categories (men's sorted bales, women's sorted bales, kids sorted bales or mixed clothes) to make up the minimum order requirement of full container loads.